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My name is Laureen DiMattia.  I founded Seasons of Strength to provide compassionate, effective, evidence-based psychotherapy for adults, couples, and families.  Seasons of Strength is now proudly able to service clients virtually in the Washington DC area!.  As an independent private practice clinician, I offer an individually tailored therapy experience designed to help you or your loved one reach your goals and achieve wellness.

No matter how bad things might seem, no matter what challenges you are facing, I believe there is hope.

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Therapy Services

Therapy for Depression – If you’ve been feeling down, unmotivated, apathetic, or hopeless, therapy for depression might be the right fit for you.  Depression is one of the most common reasons for seeking therapy services.  Learn more about Therapy for Depression.

Therapy for Anxiety – If you struggle with worry or nervousness, consider trying therapy for anxiety.  All of us experience anxiety from time to time, but often our anxious feelings get in the way of living well.  Learn more about Therapy for Anxiety.

Therapy for Grief and Loss – Have you experienced the death of a loved one or a pet?  Therapy for grief and loss can help you move through the pain and begin to live well again.  Learn more about Therapy for Grief and Loss.

Therapy for Eating Disorders – If you or a loved one are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating, I can help.  Learn more about Therapy for Grief and Loss.

Therapy for Stress – Are you overwhelmed by stress or consumed by life’s many responsibilities?  Therapy can help you learn to manage your stress and find freedom from worry.  Learn more about Therapy for Stress.

Therapy for Couples  – Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship?  Couple therapy can help you reignite your spark, rebuild trust, and revamp your bond.  Learn more about Therapy for Couples.

Therapy for Trauma – If you survived a traumatic life event, an abusive relationship, or a life-altering experience, consider seeking healing through therapy.  Learn more about Therapy for Trauma and my specialized trauma therapy service, EMDR.

Therapy for Self-Esteem  – Many people struggle with low self-esteem or a poor sense of self-worth.  You may not like who you are, how you live, or what your future holds – but there is hope for change.  Learn more about Therapy for Self-Esteem.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, I’d love to work with you every step of the way.
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About Laureen DiMattia

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My clinical journey began during my studies at Pennsylvania State University (We Are!) in Psychology and Sociology.  From there, I earned my Masters of Social Work from Marywood University and soon after founded my own outpatient therapy practice, Seasons of Strength.

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